Spiraling Emotion

A Third Short Piece by K.J., a Michigan Prisoner

Spiraling emotion…drifting out and away…seeking a certain destination…yet tossed on the waves of an erratic course…rudderless, a lead nowhere to be found.

What is the nature of this puzzling journey? Why must it be borne? Can this quest resolve in significance? Or is it merely a tragic farce…an old, old joke…to be played by neither a winner or loser, yet whose outcome is awaited with anxious anticipation.

One word, the germinating force: a timeless noun idealized by multitudes yet never realized by any. Others would have you believe it’s real, though many have mouthed its eulogy.

Maybe this paradox exists because of the intangibility of the term…TRUTH.

And again, maybe its attainment for many is too costly and best relegated to the level of romantic absurdity.

And with a sigh, the spiraling emotion dissipates into nothing.



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Joseph Abramajtys

Old Man, Retired Prison Warden, Social Critic, Recovering Catholic, Pain in the Ass.