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MAGA Christian Nationalist “Commitment” and The Bible

Martinis and Commitment

Our habit each Saturday was joining friends Bill and Karen for martinis at their condo deck overlooking a verdant wood replete with a chorus of strident chirping birds. Bill had installed a bug light that zapped crisp insects as evening deepened.

Credit: Freepik

One time a third couple, friends of Bill and Karen we had yet to meet, were guests. Bill was not shy about potentially sensitive topics and brought up religion.

Damn, I thought, religion? We’re going to get in less trouble if we talk about sex.

Bill and Karen were Episcopal, we were recovering Catholics, and the newcomers were Baptist.

New Guy: Are you religious? What church do you belong to?[1].

Me: We don’t attend a church and we’re no longer religious.

New Guy: Well, what are you committed to? Everyone must be committed to something.

At this point Bill broke out the cigars and we switched to contemplating whether gin or vodka martinis go best with cigars. I voted gin, with two+ olives, dirty.


There was a time when being “committed” meant you were determined nuts and sent to an insane asylum.



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