Probing Christian Nationalist MAGA Weaknesses

Joseph Abramajtys
4 min readMar 27, 2024

Leadership Unity

There is debate in both academic and intelligence communities as to the utility of unified leadership in extremist movements. Some think a unified leadership makes a movement stronger, while others think it is counterproductive.

Unity Benefits

A united leadership can present a well-defined ideological position, limiting what the group thinks right or wrong, desirable or objectionable. It can provide a disciplined front and approach to issues. It can control the thinking and actions of members to provide a united front against attacks. A united leadership is also more likely to be aggressive; to use emotional[1] or instrumental[2] force to silence or belittle members.

Unity Weakness

United leadership is not tolerant of dissent. Others in the group may resent the authoritarianism of united leadership. They may chafe under authoritarian control and be annoyed with actions that limit interaction and exposure to others outside the group.

A Case Study

Ottawa Impact (OI) is a Christian Nationalist group that controls the county governing board of Ottawa County, Michigan. Elected about a year ago, the County Commission chairperson, Mr. Moss requires adherents to sign a contract[3] to gain OI support. The contract is a soup of Christian Nationals MAGA talking points recast as patriotic jargon. Mr. Moss’s behavior suggests he does not consider this document to be an…



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